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Friday, January 23, 2009
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29 November – « the Ural pothole – 2008 »

29 November opening of the championship « the Ural pothole – 2008 » which also is known as the Open championship of the Perm edge on automobile sports.
It is known, that in it to year of competition will pass in a new format.

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The prototype of a new crossover from Mazda
Japanese motorcar giant Mazda on Moskovsk the international interior will present kontsept Kazamai which in the future can quite become the prototype of a new crossover, the press-service of the company informs.
This model is created specially for the Moscow international motor show which will open on August, 29th.
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World prime-minister new BMW 7 Series
Date prime-ministers updated BMW 7 Series became known. Presentation of "seven" состоится7 July, instead of in October on the Parisian motor show as it was supposed earlier. The main differences of a new leader of the Bavarian concern become 8-step "automatic device", optsionalnaja system of full drive XDrive and the modernized control system of electronics iDrive.

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Debut Audi S4 on a motor show in Paris
On the international motor show in Paris company Audi will present new "charged" sedan Audi S4. A novelty have equipped with 3,0 liter engine V6, capacity 350 h.p., instead of 4,2 liter petrol motors V8 which used earlier. Audi S4 also will receive a 7-speed box of transfers with double coupling, as on model S5, and system of a full drive quattro.
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Volkswagen Tiguan goes to the USA
Volkswagen begins release of crossover Tiguan (Tiguan) in the USA this month. Tiguan it is constructed on the same platform, as model Rabbit and GTI, and reminds the appearance off-road car Touareg (Taureg). The car it will be possible to buy in the USA at the price of from 23 300 dollars in a base complete set for peredneprivodnoj models and 32 900 dollars - in the expanded complete set with a full drive.
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New obves for Jeep Compass
Company Moral was has let out rallijnyj a variant of off-road car Jeep Compass. Into such complete set enter eksljuzivnye 17-inch disks, antifog headlights, and a spoiler which will settle down on a roof of an off-road car. Such car it will be possible to get only three colors: black, red and silvery. Tuning-package will cost 1850 dollars for variant Limeted, and 1985 dollars – for Sport.

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Military jeeps of mark Hummer can disappear
Rough military off-road cars Hummer can disappear. In company management General Motors speak that the legendary brand, most likely, will be sold or even it is closed already in the near future.
Company management General Motors Corp. Will lead the analysis of expediency of the further preservation of brand Hummer. It was declared by the president of company Rik Vagoner at a meeting with journalists.
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Skoda will let out a compact crossover
Already in following year чешско-German Skoda can deduce on the market the parquet off-road car developed on motives концепт-penalty Yeti of three-year prescription.
While it is not clear, that for the platform will lay down in a basis of a novelty - from VW Tiguan, following Fabia or it will be independent development chehov, "grouped" of serial units.
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Трофи-spot-check « Route Памяти-2008 »
Трофи-spot-check has passed « Route Памяти-2008 » from Astrakhan in places of fighting glory of 28-th army up to lake Sarpa in Kalmykia. Spot-check is dated for Day of the Victory over fascist Germany and anniversary of the basis of 28-th army. Трофи-spot-check with elements of orientation on off-road cars has started from lake Sarpa where passed the fierce fights.
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Opel Insignia a hatchback
Paparatstsi all taki was possible to photograph made a noise in the last some weeks Opel Insignia, but not idle time, and with a body a hatchback. It is necessary to note, that hetch Insignia in photos looks fair korovkoj, however, to judge yet we do not become, it will be possible Insignia a written beauty. No less than the sedan, a hatchback will be offered with a forward and full drive, and also family engines in a motor compartment (not lumpsum, certainly).
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Kia Soul will sell in the USA and China
Company Kia is going to sell compact crossover Soul not only in the countries of the Europe, but also in the USA and even in China. In the USA this car will appear in the beginning of 2009, and manufacture Soul for China is planned to develop in December, 2009 on one of local factories.
Prototypes Kia Soul have been presented in March on a motor show in Geneva.
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